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Hida Kamioka Walk & Eat Coupons



◆Fare:Adult/Child 2,200yen 

◆Ticket:Takayama Bus Terminal 6:15~19:00



What is "Hida Kamioka Walk & Eat Coupon?








  • 1⃣Kanakidoya ≪MAP≫

    【Perk】One “Sasamaki Yokan” sweet jean jelly wrapped with bamboo leaf

    【Closed】Tues. Weds.




  • 2⃣Road Station Sky Dome Kamioka ≪MAP≫

    【Perk】250yen worth of meal ticket





  • 3⃣Maedahonten ≪MAP≫

    【Perk】Rice cultivated in Hida region(300g) ※You can choose one of three types of rice

    【Closed】Irregular holidays Sun.PM closed




  • 4⃣Noboribayashi Liquor Shop ≪MAP≫

    【Perk】One “Bavarian Cream Puff ”

    【Closed】Irregular holidays




Conditions of Use

●Coupons are valid until March 31, 2024.
●Coupon “Cafe” & “Snack/Sweets” : These coupons can be used as vouchers
or discount coupons at one of the cafes or shops listed on the coupons.
●Each coupon can only be used once.
●Coupons can only be used for specified items on the menu.
●Please note that you may be asked to wait or denied entry
if the café/restaurant is busy.
●Coupons cannot be sold or transferred.
●Unused coupons cannot be redeemed for cash or reissued if lost.
●Information for each store is as of April 2023. Closing days and business
hours may change without notice.
Please check each storeʼs website for the latest information.
●Available stores may change.


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