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 Mt. Norikuradake is located at the southern edge of the Northern Alps (Hida Mountains) and is the collective name for the mountains with the highest peak of Mt. Kengamine (3,026 m). It includes 23 peaks, 7 lakes and 8 plains, and the foot of the mountains lies between Takayama City and Matsumoto City. It is called "Norikura" (a riding saddle) because when seen from Hida Takayama City, it looks like a saddle on a horse.
 By shuttle bus from Hirayu Hot Spring/Honoki Daira to Tatamidaira, the top of Mt. Norikuradake, via Norikura Skyline with the beautiful landscape, it takes about 60 minutes, and it is only operated during limited periods. Tatamidaira is the last stop, and at an altitude of 2,702 m which the "highest altitude bus stop in Japan." This is an attractive tourist spot where you can enjoy hiking around the flower garden with blooming alpine plants or climbing a 3,000-m mountain casually.

Bus Tour

To Norikura, From Mt.Fuji / Kawaguchiko


※Please be aware we may not able to run on time depending on the traffic situation.
※The conditions and temperature in the mountain can be changed quickly and suddenly. Be sure to bring warm clothes and rain gears. (Norikura Tatamidaira is 2,702 meters above see level)


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