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How to Book

 Please read this before you use our online reservation system. 

 Reservations can be made on website from 2 months in advance.

 Click here for our reservation site.  



 First, click the departure date from a calendar.

 Second, select the number of people and go next page.

 Seats will be secured once you go to the page for customer information.

 After that, you will be required to input personal details and credit card information (card  number/exp. date).

 At the end, confirm your reservation details and click RESERVE button and complete the  booking.

 We hope  you can make a reservation safely.


  *Seats may be sold out right away since this tour is very popular.

 *Please prepare your credit card   in advance in order to proceed a smooth reservation.

 *The reservation can be accepted at once in the case of less than 11 people as a group.

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