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【Sightseeing Bus】Shirakawago Illumination Bus Tour

The tour on 2018 has ended. Thank you very much.

Shirakawa-go illumination display event cannot be observed on the fixed-route bus. Please use the above sightseeing bus from Takayama.


The Shirakawago Illumination Tour is one of the region's most popular winter attractions.
We invite you to experience the beauty of the World Heritage Site in snow.

Tour available:
January 21(Sun), 28(Sun), February 4(Sun), 12(Mon), 2018
4 days only
Minimum participants required:
Departure time:
Takayama Bus Terminal
Arrival time:
Takayama Bus Terminal
Bus guide:
Tour guide:
Not accompanied
  • This tour fee includes:
  • ・Bus Fare
    ・Addmision to Gassho-zukuri Minkaen Outdoor Museum
【Sightseeing Bus】Shirakawago Illumination Bus Tour
  • Adult5,000yen
  • Child(6~12歳)2,500yen
  • Dep. Gero Arr. Gero Adult 6,000 yen Child(6~12)3,000 yen

    ※Children under 6 are free, but must ride on someone's lap on the bus.


  1. Gero Bus Center(14:10)
  2. Takayama Nohi Bus Center(15:30)
  3. Shirakawago Illumination(16:30~19:40)
  4. Gasshozukuri Minkaen Outdoor Museum
  5. Takayama Nohi Bus Center(20:30)
  6. Gero Bus Center(21:10)
  • *Icons display    route bus / chartered bus / express bus / cable car / taxi / ship / ropeway / walking / train


  • Please make a reservation by telephone in advance

    Please make a reservation by telephone up to one month in advance (starting at 9:00AM 1 month to the day).

    【Nohi Bus Reservation Center】

    TEL:+81-577-32-1688 (from overseas) / 0577-32-1688 (domestic)

    ※There are only limited numer of seats. Please book as soon as possible.

  • Gero Station(14:10)・Takayama Bus Teminal(15:30)

    Please arrive at Takayama Bus Teminal no later than 15 minutes before departure.  

    Please tell your reference number or voucher at Ticket Counter in Takayama Bus Center and receive your ticket.  (If you depart from Gero, please come to Gero Bus Center or Gero Station by 14:10) 

    ※The ticket counter will be very crowded on that day.   

  • Arrive at World Heritage Site "Shirakawago" (16:30)

    Take 60 minutes bus ride and arrive Shirakawa-go at 16:30.

    You are free to walk around the village.  Please enjoy the illumination. 

    ※The entrance to the Tenshukaku Observatory is restricted in order to ensure your safety.

    A paid shuttle bus (500 yen per person) runs to the observatory, and it is prohibited to go on foot.

    Although the shuttle bus ticket is scheduled to be distributed from 16:30 on the day, not everyone can visit the Observatory as there is a limited number of tickets.

    Not only will you be able to see the Shirakawago illumination display from the view from the observatory but you will also be able to see the lights closely from within the village.

    Please make your application after kindly understanding that the above measures are for your security.


  • Illumination starts!! (17:30~)

    ※Illumination starts at 17:30.

    ※Ticket to Gassho-zukuri Minkaen Outdoor Museum is included.



  • Gassho-zukuri farm houses are lit up in the snow

    Snow piles up more than 2 meters thick when they have heavy snow falls.

    Please be careful not to slip!

  • Departs Seseragi Parking(19:40)

    Please make sure to come back by departure time.

    Bus will leave from Seseragi Parking (same as arrival)


  • Takayama Bus Terminal(20:30)・Gero Station(21:40)

    Thank you for joining our tour! 

    We hope to see you again!!


※There can be up to 2 meters (6ft.) of snow. Please dress warmly and wear appropriate shoes.
※Buses may be delayed due to road conditions or weather.

For reservations

Reservations can be made by telephone up to one month in advance.

※You can book it on the day if there is a seat. 


TEL:+81-577-32-1688 (from overseas) / 0577-32-1688 (domestic) 

Cancellation policy

  • ◦Before departure・・100Yen
  • ◦After departure・・・No refund
  • In case of cancellation, Please inform us by phone or by e-mail.

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