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Mount Norikura Stay


Stay one night in the sky! Ginreisou is a hotel which is located at 2702 m above sea level.
Enjoy starry sky, morning sunrise, mountain climbing and hiking in Norikura.

Tour available:
Every day between July 1 ~ October 14, 2018
※Reservation can be made 7 days in advance.
Minimum participants required:
Departure time:
Takayama Bus Terminal
Arrival time:
Takayama Bus Terminal
Bus guide:
Not accompanied
Tour guide:
Not accompanied
  • This tour fee includes:
  • Round-trip bus ticket (Takayama~Honokidaira~Norikura)
    1 night stay at Ginreisou with dinner and breakfast

Mount Norikura Stay
  • Adult16,500yen
  • Child(6~12歳)14,000yen
  • Use a room for 4 people:
    Adults 13,500 yen Children 11,000 yen
    Use a room for 3 people:
    Adults 14,500 yen Children 12,000 yen
    Use a room for 2 people:
    Adults 16,500 yen Children 14,000 yen
    Use a room for 1 person:
    Adults 18,500 yen Children ---

Mount Norikura Stay


  1. ≪Day 1≫ Takayama Bus Terminal (12:40) 
  2.  Honokidaira(13:23~13:55) 
  3.  Norikura Tatamidaira(14:40)
  4.  Ginreisou (Dinner 18:00~) ・・・Star Watching (Free)

  5. ≪Day 2≫ Sunrise Waching (Free)
  6. Norikura Tatamidaira Honokidaira 
  7.  Takayama Bus Terminal
  8. (You can take buses at anytime you like)
  • *Icons display    route bus / chartered bus / express bus / cable car / taxi / ship / ropeway / walking / train


  • 【Day 1】Receive your ticket in Takayama

    【DAY 1】


    Pick up the ticket at Takayama Bus Terminal with the reference number before boarding bus.  

    Please take the Shinhotaka Line at Gate 5.  

    The bus departs every an hour at 40 past.

    Click here for bus schedule for Shinhoraka Line. 

    *Please change buses at Honokidaira bus stop.

  • Honokidaira to Norikura Tatamidaira

    Please change buses for Norikura Tatamidaira at Honokidaira bus stop.

    Press the button when ‘Honokidaira bus stop number H32’ is announced on the bus.

    Click here for bus schedule to Norikura Tatamidaira.


  • Arrive at Norikura Tatamidaira

    The highest road ‘Norikura Skyline offers scenic views of the surrounding natural beauty.

    You will see Japan Northern Alps of Mt. Yari, Mt. Hotaka and Mt. Yari from the bus.


  • Check-in at Norikura Ginreisou

    Ginreisou is just located by the Norikura Bus Terminal.

    It’s free to explore and relax in Norikura after checking-in.

    Here is a brochore of Norikura

    Check-in :15:00~




  • Star Watching 

    You can observe the twinkling star-filled night sky, from the altitude of 2,702 m.

    With no light or sound around, you can immerse yourself in your own world to spend your time in romantic ambiance.

  • 【Day 2】Morning Sunsise

     you can enjoy the impressive rising sun that emerges above the sea of clouds at the mountaintop. Experience the breathtaking landscape and mystic world, viewing from an altitude of 2,702 meters.


  • Tatamidaira Hiking

    It’s free to explore and relax in Norikura until taking a return bus.

    About 1 minute one way on foot from Tatamidaira
    During Mt. Norikuradake’s short summer, from mid-July to mid-August, the alpine plants will be in full bloom all around the flower gardens. As the wooden hiking trail makes walking easier, everyone can enjoy hiking.


  • Norikura Tatamidaira ~ Honokidaira

    Please talk a bus at Norikura Tatamidaira Bus Terminal going back to Honokidaira.

    Click here for bus

  • Honokidaira ~ Takayama

    Please change buses at Honokidaira bus stop for Takayama.

  • Takayama Bus Terminal

    Arrive at Takayama Bus Terminal.

    Thank you for joining the tour!

    See you next time.


※Reservation can be made 7 days in advance.
※No guide and tour conductor in the tour.
※Please wear warm clothes and bring a flash light.
※If you are not able to see the stars, we do not refund.

For reservations

【Reservation /Inquiry】

Takayama Bus Terminal Tour Information

TEL:0577-33-0131 (9:00~18:00)

Cancellation policy

  • ◦10~8 days before the tour・・・No charge
  • ◦7~2 days before the tour・・・30% of the tour fee
  • ◦a day before the tour・・・40% of the tour fee
  • ◦on the day・・・50% of the tour fee
  • ◦No show・・・No refund


  • 岐阜県知事登録旅行業第2-297号
  • 濃飛乗合自動車株式会社
  • 〒506-0026 岐阜県高山市花里町6-125
  • 総合旅行業務取扱管理者 北平 英明

Mount Norikura Stay

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