AL PLAZA offers a full lineup of souvenirs from the Hida region. You will find special items that can’t be purchased anywhere else!
These souvenirs are sure to bring a smile to someone special! Be sure to buy your Japanese souvenirs at AL PLAZA.

Full lineup of specialties from the Hida region!!

Featuring items such as curry and jerky made from Okuhida beef, as well as Ringo Otome (rice crackers with apple slices), which was awarded the highest rank of 3 stars during the Superior Taste Awards contest held by the iTQi.
We also offer a wide range of seasonal products and other special items.



  • Overseas corner

    This corner features souvenirs popular among tourists from overseas!
    Perfect if you are having trouble deciding what to buy!

  • Local Hida sake

    The Hida region features many fine local brands of Japanese sake.
    We offer a comprehensive selection of local sake from Hida Takayama, Hida Furukawa, and Hida Kamioka.

  • Sarubobo

    Sarubobo means “baby monkey.” In the Hida region, monkeys are believed to bring good luck, preventing misfortune and creating happy homes. Sarubobo are carried as good luck charms.

  • Refrigerated foods

    Featuring fresh foods such as dairy products and unbaked Japanese sweets.

  • Convenience store area

    This area sells daily goods, drinks, instant noodles, and other popular items.

Top 5 souvenirs recommended by the shop manager

The top 5 best-selling souvenirs at our shop. Be sure to purchase your souvenirs at Alps Kaido Hirayu.

  • 【1】Shinshu Grape Flavor Pocky

    Shinshu Grape Flavor Pocky

    This special Pocky features the rich flavor and aroma of grapes.

  • 【2】Kit Kats

    Kit Kats

    Featuring flavors such as Japanese sake, apple, and sweet red-bean sandwich. Only available here. These flavors are irresistible to Kit Kat lovers!

  • 【3】Ringo Otome

    Ringo Otome

    This snack food was awarded the highest rank of 3 stars during the Superior Taste Awards contest held by the iTQi.
    These browned rice crackers are made by baking sliced apples with cracker dough.

  • 【4】Jinbei (casual summertime wear)

    Jinbei (casual summertime wear)

    In traditional Japanese patterns, jinbei is a perfect souvenir for small children.
    The jinbei available here is not sold by mass retailers. All our jinbei is made in Japan and make wonderful souvenirs.

  • 【5】Magnets


    Our shop offers a wide variety of magnets.
    For example, we offer unique magnets modeled after gassho-style architecture, magnets affixed to kokeshi dolls made from Japanese paper, and magnets of sarubobo amulets.
    Small size and ease of packing, magnets make perfect souvenirs for your friends and even yourself!