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No806 Kamikochi and Norikura | 濃飛バス公式サイト


You can enjoy popular mountain resort Kamikochi and the scenery above clouds, the elevation is 2700m through Norikura-Skyline. Norikura-Skyline is not permitted to drive general vehicle in order to protect precious nature of Mt.Norikura. The elevation of last stop,Tatamidaira is 2700m. There are many 2700m~2800m mountains, Mt.Maou, Mt.Daikoku, Mt.Huzimidake, and you can walk to these top about 15min to 40min.  In summer, you can also see the lovely flower of alpine plant in the garden close to Tatamidaira.

May 15 ~ October 31


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Depart Arrive Hours Midium sized Taxi(up to 4 people) Jambo Taxi(up to 8 people)
Takayama Takayama 9 hours 38,700 Yen 50,100 Yen
Okuhida Onsen Okuhida Onsen 7 hours 30,800 Yen 39,700 Yen
Takayama Okuhida Onsen 8 hours 34,800 Yen 44,900 Yen

※Departure place in Course C is available to change.
※For courses both departing from and arriving in Takayama, a Japanese or English guide will accompany you for an additional fee.
Depending on the itinerary, this service may not be available. Please contact us for more information.
※Departure or arrival place should be at Hotel, Train Station or Bus Teminal.
※Entrance fees are not included in the total fare.
※The total fare mentioned on website includes a parking fee and an expressway toll.
※Central Takayama indicates the area within 6-7 km from Takayama Station.


  1. Deaparture Place
  2. Kamikochi(120 minutes)
  3. Alps Kaido Hirayu・・・・Restaurant、Souvenirs shop(60 minutes)
  4. Norikura Skyline、Tatamidaira(60 minutes)
  5. Arrival Place
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  • Pick up

    Taxi pick-up service available to Hotel in Takayama, Okuhida or each station.

    Please let us know when you make a reservation.

  • Kamikochi(120 minutes)

    Kamikochi is located on the upland area at the altitude of 1,500 m surrounded by the Northern Alps mountains and is one of the best mountain resorts in Japan. The magnificent Hotaka mountain range, clean and clear Azusa river, fantastic Taisho-ike pond and mystic Myojin-ike pond attract people to visit this area for all four seasons. From Kappabashi Bridge, a symbol of Kamikochi, you can view the picturesque landscape of the Hotaka Mountain Range. Enjoy leisurely strolling in the primeval forest filled with plenty of negative ions.

    Kamikochi Web Site

  • Alps Kaido Hirayu・・・・Restaurant、Souvenirs shop(60 minutes)

    Alps Kaido Hirayu is a drive-in facility connected to Hirayu Bus Terminal (Hirayu Onsen) and is a place for you to healing spot during journey. On the 1st floor, you can find a store with a wide variety of goods, such as souvenirs or articles for personal use, a restaurant where you can enjoy the popular Takayama ramen and posh Hida beef, and an artisanal bakery that provides delicious freshly baked bread every day.

    Alps Kaido Hirayu Web Site

  • Norikura Skyline、Tatamidaira(60 minutes)

    Mt.Norikuradake is located at the southern edge of the Northern Alps(Hida Mountains). This is an attractive tourist spot where you can enjoy hiking around the flower garden with blooming alpine plans or climbing a 3,000-m mountain casually.

  • Finish the tour

    Taxi drop-off service available to Hotel in Takayama, Okuhida, Toyama, Takaoka or each station.

    Thank you for using Nohi Taxi.


・The total fare mentioned on website includes a parking fee and an expressway toll.
・Fees for entrance are not included.
・Medium sized car for up to 4 passengers, Jambo taxi for up to 8 passengers.
・Confirmation e-mail will be sent the day before the departure.
Please let us know your email address which we can contact on the day.
・Please make sure to arrive before the appointed time.


・Reservation must be made by telephone or on website up to 3 days in advance.

・Please enter the number of people, where to pick up or drop off and what time you would like in the remarks column.

・Jambo taxi requires a reservation.  We will let you know the availability within 72 hours by e-mail.

-Reservations by telephone-

Takayama Bus Terminal  (Tour Information Desk)

TEL:0577-33-0131    (9:00~18:00)

Nohi Taxi  (1 day or 2 days before)

TEL:0578-82-1111  (8:30~18:00)

Cancellation policy

  • one day before the departure date・・・20%
  • same day of the departure date・・・50%
  • No show・・・100%


No806 Kamikochi and Norikura

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