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A guided walk through Hida’s Mother Nature

Not only does the Hida Takayama region boast deep history and culture, there are many beautiful natural settings as well, including: "Goshikigahara forest", that spreads out from the grand of Mt. Norikura; "Mt. Norikura" ,itself with a peak at Kengamine (3,026 meters); "Osaka waterfall", full of negative air ions and known as the Treasure of Hida; "Mt.Ontake" certified as a 100 famous mountain; "Amou forest", filled with highland plants and flowers; "Beech forest","Hakusui-Lake","Sanpo-Iwadake" that consist "Mt.Hakusan" enables you to admire the magnificent views. Walk with an expert guide through the gorgeous nature settings of Hida, which is blessed with clear waters and clean air. Why not enjoy a leisurely stroll through the mountains while listening to the sounds of nature and your informative guide? This is a guided tour, so even first-timers and solo travelers can join freely and safely.



Mt.Ontake Nature Park

Mt. Ontake Mountain Trail Maintenance Tour
- Let's make a cobblestone road together! ~

The mountain trail of Mt. Ontake, which is also an active volcano, also plays an important role as an evacuation route. Let's make a stone pavement road together with our friends who want to protect Mt. Ontake!
<Mt.Ontake Gonoike Hut>


Chubu Sangaku Mountain Resort National Park

Pass through Norikura Skyline to Norikura above the clouds!

Mt.Norikura, one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan, is located at the southern end of the Northern Alps (Hida Mountains) and is a famous mountain that represents the central area consisting of 23 peaks, 7 lakes and 8 plains, with Kengamine (3026m) as the highest peak.
It can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced people, and it is also a treasure trove of valuable flora and fauna such as grouse, a special natural treasure, and alpine plants. There are plenty of ways to enjoy nature, such as a walk in the flower garden, visiting, star watching, and more!


Okuhida Onsen Village

Cycling at Okuhida Onsen Village!!
Why not try bicycle trip with clean wind and great nature?

Nature Treasures of Gifu Prefecture

Goshikigahara Forest Hiking Tour with guide

Listen to the songs of birds. Look at the beautiful flowers at your feet which are smiling and wecloming you. The waterfalls give you refreshing showers of negative ions. You will be happily surprised with lots of new discoveries as you walk with guide.

Hida-Osaka Falls

A local resident guide will guide you through the flora and fauna that change depending on the season.

Amou Native Forest Guided Tour ~The ancient forest and flowers~

The shiny golden ancient forest of beeches and also Amou Marsh, where maple trees, Japanese sumac trees and even gresses are turning red and yellow, look as though they are having a big celebration of the autumn before they go into a long winter sleep. You will be fascinated to see the brilliant autumn leaves right in front of you from the window as the bus threads its way to the deep valley of Hida.
Mr. Katsumi Iwasa


Mt.Hakusan National park

Hakusan National Park is a place where you can enjoy the great nature at the foot of Hakusan. The greenery shining on the treetops of the primeval forest, the cold water flowing on the surface, and the clear air relax and heal people's tired bodies and hearts.


What to Bring and Wear

□Comfortable sneakers or trekking shoes
□Long-sleeved clothing and pants
□Warm clothing and rain jacket
□Back pack(big enough to bring lunch box)
□Bottled water □Hard candy or chocolate


※This plan does not have an accompanied tour guide during transit.An expert guide will join you at the destination
※Please be advised that the trip may be cancelled due to bad weather conditions. The contents of the trip may also be changed.
 No refunds will be issued for the cancellation of the tour based on bad weather conditions once the tour has started.
※The weather in a mountainous region is unpredictable and changed often, including the possibility of rain.
 Please bring warm clothes and rain goods on your trip.
※Please follow the instructions of the guide for your own safety and to protect the environment during your trip.
※Depending on the application course, we may ask you for your birth date and climbing experience at the time of application.

Reservation /Inquiry

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    • TEL:0577-33-0131  (9:00am ~ 6:00pm )

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