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Three-Star Route Shinjuku Ticket

Visit the sites rated three stars by the Michelin Green Guide Japan.

This is a useful ticket for touring the attractions introduced in the Michelin Green Guide Japan. This route travels to/from Shinjuku to either Kanazawa or Toyama, and includes stops in Matsumoto, Hirayu Onsen, Hida Takayama, and World Heritage Site Shirakawago. There are many wonderful nature settings along this course, so you will be able to stretch your legs and access the attractions at a leisurely pace while taking in the scenery. Please enjoy visiting the key sites to your heart’s content during the 7 days that the ticket is valid for.

【Three-Star Route Shinjuku Ticket】

・Highway bus (Shinjuku~Matsumoto)
・Express bus (Matsumoto~Takayama)
 ※Passengers will be able to get off of the bus at Hirayu Bus Station.
・Express bus (Takayama~Shirakawago)
・Highway bus (Shirakawago~Kanazawa/Toyama)
*Add-on option (separate fee of ¥1,500 for adults and ¥780 for children)
This ticket can be combined with the “World Heritage One Day Access Ticket” that allows unlimited use of the bus between Shirakawago and Ainokuraguchi, which takes you to the Gokayama Village.

Adults 9,500yen Children(6-12)4,750yen
*Add-on Option (Shirakawago- Ainokura) is ¥11,060 for adults and ¥5,530 for children (at the sale time).

◆Valid period:
7 Days

◆Sales Location:
<Online Purchase>
・Nohi Bus Official website
<Ticket Counter Purchase>
・Central Honshu Information Plaza in Keio Shinjuku
・Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal※1
・Toyama Chiho Railway ticket center.
・ticket counter at Kanazawa Station Bus Terminal. (near gate 1)

※1 This only applies for a purchase without a prior reservation. Not applicable for ticket exchanges, etc.

・When purchasing tickets online from our website, please print the e-mail that will be sent to you and bring it with you directly to the designated place.
・No refunds will be given once the ticket has been used.
 Please also note that refunds will not be given in the case that the transfer cannot be made due to traffic conditions.
・For the Shinjuku-Matsumoto Line and the Takayama-Kanazawa/Toyama Line, the ticket will no longer be valid once the time of departure for the reserved bus listed on the ticket has passed, even when within the time frame that the ticket is valid for.

◆Seat Reservation:
・ The Shinjuku-Matsumoto Line and the Takayama-Kanazawa/Toyama Line have reserved seating. Please make sure to reserve your seats.
 <Timetables> Shinjuku-Matsumoto Line Matsumoto-Takayama Line Takayama-Kanazawa Line Takayama-Toyama Line
・ When purchasing from our website, the seat reservations will be conducted by our company. Please let us know your desired date and time of use.
・Reservations are not required for the Matsumoto-Takayama Line. Please wait at the bus stop directly.

           【Purchase】Three-Star Route Shinjuku Ticket 

  1.  Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal  
  2.  Matsumoto Bus Terminal(Matsumoto CastleZenkoji Temple) 
  3.  Hirayu Onsen(Okuhida OnsengoKamikochiShinhotaka RopewayNorikura)  
  4.  Takayama Bus Terminal(Old township (Furui-machi-nami)Historical Government House (Jinya)Miyagawa Asaichi(open-air morning market)) 
  5.  Shirakawago(Ogimachi)(World Heritage Shirakawago Gassho-zukuri)  
  6.  Kanazawa Station(Kenrokuen Garden、Kanazawa Castle、21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa) or Toyama Station(Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route、Kurobe Dam) 


※Meals and accommodations are not included.


  • Reservation for highway bus

    Reservation Between Shinjuku and Matsumoto

    • TEL (+81) 3-5376-2222 (9:00-20:00)
    • TEL (+81) 263-35-7400 (8:00-20:00)

    Reservation Between Takayama・Shirakawago and Kanazawa

    • TEL (+81) 577-32-1688 (9:00-18:00)
    • TEL (+81) 76-234-0123 (9:00-18:00)

    Reservation Between Shirakawago and Toyama

      • TEL (+81) 577-32-1688 (9:00-18:00)
      • TEL (+81) 76-432-3456 (8:30-17:30)

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