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Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

※This tour is temporarily suspended until mid July due to coronavirus outbreak. We appreciate your understanding.


The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is known as the "Roof of Japan".The route passes through the dynamic scenery of Mt.Tateyama in the Japan Alps.It is traversed using a variety of vehicles with an elevation change of 2400 meters from Nagano to Toyama Prefecture.

Tour available:
Every day between April 15 ~ October 11, 2020
Minimum participants required:
Departure time:
Takayama Bus Terminal
Arrival time:
Takayama Bus Terminal
Breakfast ×
Lunch ×
Dinner ×
Bus guide:
Not accompanied
Tour guide:
Not accompanied
  • This tour fee includes:
  • Round trip bus ticket(Ogizawa line/Takayama-Toyama line)
    Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route ticket(full route)
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
  • Adult15,800yen
  • Child(6~12)7,900yen
  • Dep.Hirayu Arr.Takayam
     Adult 15,000 yen Child 7,500 yen
    Dep.Takayama Arr.Toyama
     Adult 13,600 yen Child 6,800 yen
    Dep. Hirayu Arr.Toyama
     Adult 12,800 yen Child 6,400 yen

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route


  1. Takayama Bus Terminal(7:40) 
  2.  Hirayu onsen(8:40) 
  3.  Ogizawa station(11:10)
  4. → Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
  5. →Tateyama Station(11:10)
  6. Toyama Station(18:55)
  7. Takayama Bus Terminal(21:05)
  • *Icons display    route bus / chartered bus / express bus / cable car / taxi / ship / ropeway / walking / train


  • Takayama Bus Terminal(7:40)

    Please pick up your  ticket at Takayama Bus Terminal with the reference number.

    The bus will leave at 7:40 am.  Please be careful not to be late for the bus.

    *In case of departure from Hirayu Onsen Please come to Hirayu Onsen Bus Terminal ticket office by 8:20 am. The bus will leave at 8:40 am.

  • Arrive at Ogizawa Station(11:10) Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route start!

    Please show your Alpine voucher(2 tickets) at the ticket counter at Ogizawa Station and  receive all of Alpine tickets (Ogizawa station to Tateyama station) .

    Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route begins!

    The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route  is a unique and spectacular route through the Japan Northern Alps which is traversed by various means of transportation

    including cablecars, trolley buses and a ropeway.(6 vehicles)

    No guide in this trip. Please be aware to get on and off each vehicle yourself.

    Please go through to Toyama Station until the bus departure time to Takayama.

    Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Website



  • To Kurobe Dam by electric bus(11:30)

    Please get on the Electric Bus, departure time 11:30.

    It runs from Ogizawa station to Kurobe Dam.

    Kurobe dam website(japanese) is here

  • Please enjoy walk around Kurobe Dam

    Arrive at Kurobe dam!!

    Please enjoy walking around the Kurobe dam.

  • To kurobe-daira by cable car

    There is a garden as you exit the Kurobedaira station, surrounded by the scenic mountain range and Kurobeko (lake). The botanical garden displays high altitude plants.


  • To Daikanbo by Ropeway

    Outstanding view from the second floor and observation deck atop the station. A wide panorama of the Japan Alps and the lake formed by Kurobe Dam.


  • To Murodo by trolley bus

    ”Yuki-no-otani”snow wall  

    ”Yuki-no-otani”snow wall  is opened from April 15 to June 22.

    At 2,500 m, this is the highest point on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

    Tateyama has some of the heaviest snowfalls in the world. An average of 7 m accumulates every year. In heavy years up to 20 meters can accumulate!

  • To Bijodaira by bus/To Tateyama by cablecar/To Toyama Station by train

    After visiting Murodo, you will take the bus, cable car and train to go to Toyama Station.

  • Leaves Toyama Station(18:55)

    Please take a bus #1(boarding point) at Toyama Station and show your voucher to the driver.


  • Takayama Bus Terminal(21:05)

    Arrive at Takayama Bus Terminal.

    Thank you for using Nohi Bus.
    We look forward to serving you again soon.


※Minimum number of reservation is 1 people.
※No guide and conductor in this tour.
※Meal is not included
★Reservation can be made 1 day in advance.(by 12 pm)

For reservations

【Reservation /Inquiry】

Takayama Bus Terminal Tour Information

TEL:0577-33-0131   (9:00~18:00)

Cancellation policy

  • ~8 days before the tour・・・No charge
  • 7~2 days before the tour・・・30% of the tour fee
  • a day before the tour・・・40% of the tour fee
  • on the day・・・50% of the tour fee
  • No show・・・No refund


  • 岐阜県知事登録旅行業第2-297号
  • 濃飛乗合自動車株式会社
  • 〒506-0026 岐阜県高山市花里町6-125
  • 総合旅行業務取扱管理者 長瀬 陽子


Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

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