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Exciting Experience! Hida Furukawa Okoshi-daiko Festival

Hida Furukawa Okoshi-daiko Festival has ended the 2019 season. Thank you very much for using us.


Okoshi-daiko represents the DYNAMIC aspect of the Furukawa Festival.
Let's enjoy this traditional exciting festival and have a memorable time with us.

Tour available:
April 19, 2019
Special 1 day limited tour
Minimum participants required:
Departure time:
Takayama Bus Terminal
Arrival time:
Takayama Bus Terminal
Breakfast ×
Lunch ×
Dinner ○
Bus guide:
Tour guide:
Not accompanied
  • This tour fee includes:
  • Bus fare
    Meal and drink
    English speaking guide
Exciting Experience! Hida Furukawa Okoshi-daiko Festival
  • Adult8,500yen
  • Child(6~12)6,500yen

Exciting Experience! Hida Furukawa Okoshi-daiko Festival


  1. Takayama Bus Terminal (18:10) Hida Furukawa(18:45) Walk through the town Okoshi-daiko Festival Hida Furukawa Takayama Bus Terminal(24:30/ish)

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  • Receive Ticket at Takayama Bus Terminal

    Please come to the ticket counter 15 minutes before the tour and pick up the ticket.

  • Takayama Bus Terminal (18:10pm)

    The bus will leave at Takayama Bus Terminal at 18:10pm.

  • Arrive at Hida Furukawa (18:45)

    Take a stroll through the town and arrive at Minka its Japanese house. 

    ※Bento box and drinks will be served at the house. 



  • Festival Square

    From 8 pm to the midnight, the spectacle of the Okoshi-daiko take place in the town.

    The big Japanese drum float. Okoshi-daiko(rousing drum), is carried through the town by hundreds of half-naked men.

    Before starting the parade of Okoshi-daiko, Tsuke-daiko(attaching drums) group members take turns balancing atop of Tsuke-daiko poles. 

    Image provided by the Hida City
  • Okoshi-daiko starts!

    The sound of the great drum can be heard late into the night.

    Image provided by the Hida City
  • Lanterns

    More than a thousand people holding paper lanterns illuminated by candles lead the Okoshi-daiko procession.

  • Tsuke-daiko performance

    It is also fun to watch the performances in the town. 

  • Festival view from a house

    Okoshi-daiko parade will pass just the front of Minka Hounse.

    Let’s enjoy watching the spectacle Okoshi-daiko from a window. 

  • Takayama Bus Terminal(24:30)

    Thank you for joining our tour!

    We hope to see you again!!


    ※Please note that the tour will finish late at night.




・Minimum number of participant is 2 people.
・It will be very cold at night, so please bring something warm to wear.

For reservations

【Reservation /Inquiry】

Takayama Bus Terminal Tour Information

TEL:0577-33-0131   (9:00~18:00)

Cancellation policy

  • 10~8 days before the tour・・・No charge
  • 7~2 days before the tour・・・30% of the tour fee
  • a day before the tour・・・40% of the tour fee
  • on the day・・・50% of the tour fee
  • No show・・・No refund


  • 岐阜県知事登録旅行業第2-297号
  • 濃飛乗合自動車株式会社
  • 〒506-0026 岐阜県高山市花里町6-125
  • 総合旅行業務取扱管理者 長瀬 陽子


Exciting Experience! Hida Furukawa Okoshi-daiko Festival

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