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Nakasendo SAMURAI Road Walk 【1 Day Round-trip from Takayama】


Why not take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a day trip from Takayama and Gero Onsen to the old lodging towns of Magome and Tsumago?

Tour available:
April 1 - November 30 , 2020
Departure time:
8:10 am
Takayama Bus Terminal
Arrival time:
6:00 pm
Takayama Bus Terminal
Breakfast ×
Lunch ×
Dinner ×
Bus guide:
Not accompanied
Tour guide:
Not accompanied
  • This tour fee includes:
  • Takayama~Magome・Tsumago Round Trip Ticket
Nakasendo SAMURAI Road Walk 【1 Day Round-trip from Takayama】
  • Adult5,500yen
  • Child(6~12)2,750yen
  • ※(Dep.Gero Arr.Gero) 
    Adults 4,000 yen Children 2,000 yen

Nakasendo SAMURAI Road Walk 【1 Day Round-trip from Takayama】


  1. Takayama Bus Terminal(8:10)
  2. Gero Station(9:22)
  3. Magome(10:55)
  4. Nakasendo SAMURAI Road Walk(8.5km・3hours)
  5. Tsumago(15:00)
  6. Gero Station(16:50)
  7. Takayama Bus Terminal(18:00)
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  • Takayama Bus Terminal(8:10)

    Please pick up your ticket at Takayama Bus Terminal with the reference number.

    Please take a route bus at Takayama Bus Terminal #6 bound for Magome・Tsumago.

  • Gero Bus Terminal(9:20)、Gero Station(9:22)

    “Gero Station” Bus Stop is located in  front of Gero Station.

    There is no ticket counter around there.

    Please tell your reservation number to a bus driver and receive your ticket. Please pay your bus fare in the bus.

  • Arrive at Magome(10:55)

    Magome Shuku is a settlement that sits along the cobblestone slopes of the Nakasendo path which connects Edo and Kyoto, still evoking memories of the Edo period to this day. Magome Shuku sits at a relatively high altitude of 600 meters, and is a great viewing spot of the Nakatsugawa town and Ena mountain, one of the 100 top mountains of Japan.

    Passengers departing from Takayama headed to Magome will have free time to explore the area at Magome/Tsumago.

    【About your Baggages】

    If you want to hike from Magome to Tusmago, We will keep your baggage in the trunk of the bus and you can pick it up at Tsumago bus parking lot.Please make sure you pick it up  2:40~3:00 pm.(Bus departure time)  Please note our bus leaves at Tsumago (3 pm o’clock sharp)  to Takayama.

    If you hike more longer, You can use baggage delivery service in Magome.

    Website is hire

  • Nakasendo SAMURAI Road Walk

    This is a 9 km, three hour hiking course that connects Magome Shuku and Tsumago Juku. Participants can enjoy the simple scenery and nature of the cobblestone streets and tea shops along the path that many samurai traveled long ago.

  • Ichikokutochi Tatebachaya

    This is a tea shop that served as a rest area for the tired samurai that walked the path from Magome Juku to Tsumago Shuku.

    Why not catch your breath and take a leisurely break  in this relaxing atmosphere?

  • Tsumago

    Tsumago Juku was chosen as the country’s first significant, historical,  preserved architectural area.

    While preserving the nostalgia and architectural history of the Edo period with its Dashibari Zukuri and Udatsu techniques, it is an area still inhabited today.

  • Departs at Tsumago(15:00)

    Please take the bus leaving for the Takayama  Bus Terminal from the Tsumago bus stop.


  • Arrive at Gero(16:50)

    For passengers departing from Gero, please get off here.

  • Arrive at Takayama Bus Terminal(18:00)

    Thank you for joining our tour !


※No guide and conductor in this tour.

For reservations

【Reservation /Inquiry】

Takayama Bus Terminal Tour Information

TEL:0577-33-0131  (9:00~18:00 )

Cancellation policy

  • Before departure・・100 yen
  • After departure・・・No refund


  • 岐阜県知事登録旅行業第2-297号
  • 濃飛乗合自動車株式会社
  • 〒506-0026 岐阜県高山市花里町6-125
  • 総合旅行業務取扱管理者 長瀬 陽子


Nakasendo SAMURAI Road Walk 【1 Day Round-trip from Takayama】

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