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Ikegahawa Marsh & Tanekura walking

The tour on 2017 has ended. Thank you very much.

In spring, almost as if they are waiting for the snow to melt, 300 to 400 thousand Mizubasho flowers start to bloom simultaneously across the marsh ares.

Tour available:
April 29・30・May 3・4・5・6・7 , 2017
Minimum participants required:
Departure time:
Takayama Bus Terminal
Arrival time:
Takayama Bus Terminal
Breakfast ×
Lunch ○
Dinner ×
Bus guide:
Tour guide:
Not accompanied
  • This tour fee includes:
  • Bus fare
    Lunch box
Ikegahawa Marsh & Tanekura walking
  • Adult6,900yen
  • Child(6~12)5,900yen
  • Child(2-5) 3000 yen(bus fare only)

Ikegahawa Marsh & Tanekura walking


  1. Takayama Bus Terminal(10:40) 
  2.  Hida Furukawa station(11:10)
  3.  Ikegahara Marsh(12:25~13:25)
  4.  Tanekura Free time(14:05~14:45)
  5.  Hida Furukawa Free time(15:30~16:20)
  7. Takayama Bus terminal(17:00)
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  • Meeting place at Takayama Bus Terminal(10:20)

    Please come to Takayama Bus Terminal(next to JR Takayama Station) by 10:20 and show your voucher to the staff.  

  • Depart Takayama Bus Terminal(10:40)

    Leave at Takayama Bus Terminal at 10:40.  

  • Depart Furukawa Station(11:10)

    Please come to Furukawa Travel salon(Next to JR Furukawa station) by 11:00 and show your voucher to the staff.  

  • Arrive at Ikegahara Marsh(12:25~13:25)

    Arrive at Ikegahaea Marsh. 300 to 400 thousand Mizubasho flowers start to bloom simultaneously across the marsh area.

    Please enjoy white and yellow flowers viewing. *Tour includes lunch box and Japanese tea.


  • Tanekura walking(14:05~14:45)

    There are beauty of the rice terraces and  traditional Japanese houses.  

  • Hida-furukawa Free time(15:30~16:20)

    Furukawa is smaller and calmer than Takayama. Furukawa has a nicely preserved old town.Please enjoy walk around there.  

  • Arrive at Takayama Bus Terminal(17:00)

    Thank you for using Nohi Bus. We look foward to serving you again soon.  

  • 【Information】


※Minimum number of reservation is 2 people.
※Japanese speaking guide with you.
★Reservation can be made 2 days in advance.Please be aware If there is no reservation in the three days before, the tour will be cancelled.

For reservations

Reservation can be made through phone or website.

Reservation /Inquiry

Takayama Bus Terminal Tour Information


Cancellation policy

  • ~8 days before the tour・・・No charge
  • 7~2 days before the tour・・・30% of the tour fee
  • a day before the tour・・・40% of the tour fee
  • on the day・・・50% of the tour fee
  • No show・・・No refund


  • 岐阜県知事登録旅行業第2-297号
  • 濃飛乗合自動車株式会社
  • 〒506-0026 岐阜県高山市花里町6-125
  • 総合旅行業務取扱管理者 長瀬 陽子


Ikegahawa Marsh & Tanekura walking

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