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Hida Folk Village Winter illumination 2020

Visit Seasonal limited illumination of Hida Folk Village by temporary bus

We operate temporary bus for Hida Folk Village Winter illumination.

Hida Folk Village is a facility that has been relocated with a large number of old private thatched roof houses. It is located 10 minutes from Takayama Station.

Why don't you take an easy tour of snow and thatched roof houses illuminations in Hida Folk village where you can feel the original scenery of Japan?

No reservation required & available on the day!!!


Operation Date : Jan.11, 2020~Feb.29, 2020

Time Table

Takayama City each Hotel→Hida Folk Village

Honjin Hiranoya (Jinya-mae) 17:13 ※17:43 18:13
Hida Hotel Plaza 17:24 ※17:54 18:24
Takayama Nohi Bus Center 17:30 ※18:00 18:30
Takayama Green Hotel 17:35 ※18:05 18:35
Hida Folk Village 17:44 ※18:14 18:44

Hida Folk Village→Takayama City each Hotel

Hida Folk Village 19:00 19:40 20:10
Takayama Green Hotel 19:09 ※19:49 20:19
Takayama Nohi Bus Center 19:15 ※19:55 20:25
Hida Hotel Plaza 19:19 ※19:59 20:29
Honjin Hiranoya (Jinya-mae) 19:27 ※20:07 20:37


※Operation on Sat,Sun, and National Holidays

Please be aware that buses may be delayed due to heavy snow or crowds.

Price :one-way Adult 210 yen Child 110yen

※Machinami/Sarubobo one-way ticket are not valid.

※Hida Folk Village Entrance fee is not included. Adult:300 yen Child:100 yen



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